Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning

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The big rush for air conditioning occurs during summer. We associate air conditioning with cooling our homes. The thing is, reverse cycle air conditioners both cool and heat. That is, by definition, what a reverse cycle air conditioning unit is. 


Efficient Heating In Winter

Reverse cycle air conditioning is actually one of the most efficient ways to heat your home. You’re probably wondering how a device that cools can also be efficient at heating. Let me explain…

Most heaters generate their own heat. For instance, a bar heater passes electricity through an element. That element heats up. A gas heater burns gas and uses a fan to blow that heat into the room. A reverse cycle air conditioner doesn’t do this.

When operating, the refrigerant in an air conditioner is turned from liquid to gas. It cycles around and around in this way, turning to liquid-gas-liquid-gas-liquid.

This transformation, from one state to another, requires energy. It gets that energy from the surrounding atmosphere, in the form of heat. The heat is therefore removed from the air that passed through the unit and pushed into your home as cool air. Excess heat is pumped out into the surrounding environment.

By reversing this cycle, the same unit can now deliver warm air into your home. It uses the same principle, a heat exchange, but in a way that now reverses the flow to bring the heat into the home.

By using the processes of heat exchange to heat your home, these units need less energy than other forms of heating.

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Cooling In Summer

Air conditioning and refrigeration were invented to keep things cool. The heat exchange principle we outlined above is used to cool your home. For years, prior to the invention of reverse cycle, cooling is all they did.  

Other Advantages

If you value safety the reverse cycle is for you. Unlike many other heaters, these will not be hot to touch.

Whether heating or cooling, a reverse cycle air conditioner will filter and dehumidify the air. 

You don’t need two devices. This one both heats and cools.

They’re reliable and long lived. 

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